Feeder fishing on small ponds - Tench fishing tips

Feeder fishing on small ponds - Tench fishing tips


Feeder fishing

Tackle needed

11-12ft feeder rod (1-2oz tips)


Baltic States – ponds


Corn, worm, dead maggots and bloodworm combinations

Key Spots

Sedge and reed near the waterside

Many anglers in North regions are used to fish on big lakes or on fast and deep rivers, but a lot of them forgot that fishing on small pond could be, sometimes, much more interesting. On ponds You have to be very careful, quiet and accurate compared to big rivers with big distances and depths.
You too can catch a really big Tench on a small pond following these few easy steps:

1. Use a soft rod blank which can absorb Tench movements, because this is one of the strongest fish in our region.
2. Rod length about 3.3-3.6m long will make possible to control the fish perfectly.
3. Use mono main line or, at least, shock leader or feeder gum to compensate fast movements of the Tench.
4. Be prepared for the bite! Sometimes, You have to wait hour, sometimes 15 minutes, never know.
5. Use a very small amount of groundbait, sometimes only big particles without groundbait at all(e.g. crushed corn, dead maggots etc.), this will prevent You from small fish concentration and will give more chances to catch a trophy in a small pond.
6. Sometimes, on the small and quiet pond one of the most important tip is to leave Your quivertip without any tension, also You can add extra line and simply put the main line freely on the pond’s ground.

This tactic will be extremely successful there, where You do not have a lot of fish, fish does not have a lot of competitors, so fish can try Your bait, can make some movements around it, will not feel any tension from the rod or line and finally will eat Your bait with the hook.


Tight Lines!


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